Pleased to meet ya, I'm Rikku

Welcome to another, and probably the newest Rikku shrine online!
10+ years after the release of Final Fantasy X, and Rikku is still my favorite character. She deserves some special treatment!


14th September 2013: Got my Rikku Cola figure! Isn't she adorable <3 Oh, and I also redesigned the website! Hope you like it :)

16th June 2013: FFX and X-2 HD Remaster is coming! The two games will be bundled together for the PS3, but individually sold for the PS Vita. Seems like the release date will be 31st December 2013. I can't wait to play Rikku in HD!! :) Check out the HD video here:

16th July 2011: Today I received my Rikku figure! It's awesome. Seriously. You can see a picture of it here and here. I'm in love!

7th July 2011: I found a Rikku figure on Ebay for $199! Guess who bought it... Haha, yep! Me! It's on its way to me right now. It's the original FFX Rikku from Kotobukiya. I even paid $50 for shipping + tracking number. Don't want it lost! XD

5 latest updates

16th September 2013: Updated FFX Abilities, FFX Weapons, FFX Armor, Collectibles.
14th September 2013: New layout and design!
25th July 2013: Updated FFX menu.
18th July 2013: Updated Relationships, Collectibles.
16th July 2013: Updated the Exit and Media menus.

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