// FFX Abilities

Last updated: 16th September 2013

Ability Description
Bribe Pay an enemy to make it go away
Copycat Mimic an ally's previous action
Luck Raise party's Luck
Mug Attack and steal items at the same time
Nab Gil* Attack and steal gil at the same time
Pilfer Gil* Steal gil from an enemy
Quick Pockets* Use items with a shorter recovery time
Spare Change Attack by throwing gil
Steal Steal certain items from Fiends
Use Use special items

*Only available to the PAL/International versions.

49 items can be used with the ability "Use":

Item Description
Al Bhed Potion Cures poison, silence, petrification. Restores 1000 HP of each party member
Antarctic Wind Deals ice damage to an enemy
Arctic Wind Deals ice damage to an enemy
Blessed Gem Damages an enemy
Bomb Core Deals fire damage to an enemy
Bomb Fragment Deals fire damage to an enemy
Candle of Life Casts Doom on an enemy
Chocobo Feather Casts Haste on one character
Chocobo Wing Casts Haste on party
Dark Matter Deals major damage to all enemies
Dragon Scale Deals water damage to an enemy
Dream Powder Inflicts damage and sleep on all enemies
Electro Marble Deals lightning damage to an enemy
Farplane Shadow Inflicts death on an enemy
Farplane Wind Inflicts death on all enemies
Fire Gem Deals fire damage to all enemies
Fish Scale Deals water damage to an enemy
Frag Grenade Inflicts damage and Armor Break on all enemies
Gold Hourglass Damages all enemies and delays their next turn
Grenade Damages all enemies
Healing Spring Casts Regen on one character
Healing Water Fully restores HP of party
Ice Gem Deals ice damage to all enemies
Light Curtain Casts Protect on one character
Lightning Gem Deals lightning damage to all enemies
Lightning Marble Deals lightning damage to an enemy
Lunar Curtain Casts Shell on one character
Mana Spring Absorbs MP from an enemy
Mana Tablet Doubles max MP of one character
Mana Tonic Doubles max MP of party
Petrify Grenade Petrifies all enemies
Poison Fang Inflicts damage and poison on an enemy
Purifying Salt Damages an enemy and dispels its magic effects
Shadow Gem Reduces HP of all enemies by half
Shining Gem Damages an enemy
Silence Grenade Inflicts damage and silence on all enemies
Silver Hourglass Delays next turn of all enemies
Sleeping Powder Inflicts damage and sleep on all enemies
Smoke Bomb Inflicts damage and darkness on all enemies
Soul Spring Absorbs HP & MP from an enemy
Stamina Spring Absorbs HP from an enemy
Stamina Tablet Doubles max HP of one character
Stamina Tonic Doubles max HP of party
Star Curtain Casts Reflect on one character
Supreme Gem Damages all enemies
Tetra Elemental Fully restores HP and casts NulAll on party
Three Stars Reduces party's MP cost to 0
Twin Stars Reduces MP cost of one character to 0
Water Gem Deals water damage to all enemies

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