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Last updated: 16th September 2013

These items may be either out of production or sold out on the sites I list, but I guess most of them could be bought on Ebay.com, or by googling. If you know any good sites selling Rikku stuff, please tell me! The best method I know of is just by searching for Rikku on Ebay.

Trading Arts Vol. 2

The first Trading Arts series with Rikku in it.
Where to buy: Play-asia.com

Trading Arts Vol. 3

These are small and cute figures coming in boxes with one random figure.
Where to buy: Play-asia.com

Coca Cola Figure

Rikku holding a Coca Cola bottle! So cute :3
Where to buy: Ebay.com

FFX-2 Vocal Collection

The Vocal Collection from FFX-2 consists of two songs sung by Marika Matsumoto plus two instrumental versions.
Where to buy: Play-asia.com

FFX-2 PS2 Memory Card 8 MB

A memory card for PS2 with Rikku on it. Kinda cool, huh?
Where to buy: Play-asia.com


A fancy belt with images of different FF characters.
Where to buy: DealExtreme.com

FFX Figures from Kotobukiya

This one sells for $199-350 on eBay now! Wow. I got one off there for $199 :)

FFX-2 Play Arts No. 2

This is also pretty expensive on ebay. I haven't got this one either... -_-"
Where to buy: Amazon.com

FFX-2 Keychain Figure

A cute little keychain.
Where to buy: Amazon.com

FFX-2 Metal Pin Badge

Nice. XD
Where to buy: Amazon.com

Trading Cards

Rikku is represented on five cards. Her element is Wind.
Where to buy: Amazon

Images from finalfantasy.wikia.com and 4gamer.net

Cosplay Costume

There are lots of different costumes out there. You can find a lot on Ebay.
Where to buy: Ebay.com

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