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Last updated: 13th June 2011

Rikku is from the tribe called Al Bhed. They have their own language and they don't follow the teachings of Yevon. They're also very good with Machina - powered machines in Spira - which is prohibited by Yevon. Because of their disbelief in Yevon, the Al Bhed is hated by most of the other citizens of Spira.

We're Al Bhed. Can't you tell? - Rikku

Al Bhed is known for their special eyes, they're green with a swirl in it. Their home is located on Bikanel Island, and is called Home.


When Home was destroyed by Sin, the Al Bhed were scattered all over Spira and had to live like nomads, but eventually Cid brought them together again, and they rebuilt a new Home on Bikanel Island.

After they heard about the Summoners and their Pilgrimage to defeat Sin and summoning the Final Aeon, they would kidnap all Summoners to protect them, including Yuna. When Maester Seymour and the Guado heard Yuna was there, they attacked Home

Their language

Throughout the game you will find several Al Bhed books. Every time you find a new book, you will be able to translate one letter of their alphabet. In the beginning of the game you will have no clue what the Al Bhed's are talking about, but when you collect all of the books and start a new game, you will have the opportunity to load the previously collected books and then be able to understand what they say from the beginning. Here is a list of the letters.

English = Albhed

A = Y
B = P
C = L
D = T
E = A
F = V
G = K
H = R
I = E
J = Z
K = G
L = M
M = S
N = H
O = U
P = B
Q = X
R = N
S = C
T = D
U = I
V = J
W = F
X = Q
Y = O
Z = W

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