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Last updated: 17th July 2013

Japanese: リュック / Ryukku
Height: 158cm/5'2"
Eye colour: Green
Hair colour: Blonde
Race: Al Bhed
Home: Bikanel Island

Final Fantasy X

Age: 15
Weapon: Claws
Ultimate Weapon: Godhand
Overdrive: Mix

From the official FFX site:
A cute, vibrant memeber of the Al Bhed tribe. Her personality is upbeat and positive, and she is not afraid to speak her mind. She can defear mechanical enemies with ease, and can steal from enemies as well.

She is an upbeat girl, and the cousin of Yuna. She likes to call Yuna "Yunie", and looks up to her. She loves Yuna very much, and tries several times to interrupt her Pilgrimage, because she knows Yuna will die after summoning the Final Aeon. Rikku is an Al Bhed. She has green eyes with a swirl. She avoids telling people she's an Al Bhed, especially Wakka because he hates them. He finds out in the end, but doesn't hold a grudge over her for too long.

In every Final Fantasy game, there's been a person named Cid. And this time, Cid is Rikku's father, the leader of the Al Bhed Home. She's also got an older brother called, well, Brother.

Rikku is the last person to join the party, and she joins in Moonflow. She is nice to have in battle due to her Steal technique (which will dismantle/kill Machina Fiends), and she can Mix pretty dangerous stuff with her Overdrive. Her third ability is to Use items, like Al Bhed Potions, Grenades etc.

She also has astraphobia, fear of lightning, which will be shown in Thunder Plains. The reason for that is because her brother managed to cast a Thunder spell on her instead of a Fiend! She's been terrified since...

Final Fantasy X-2

Age: 17
Weapon: Duel Blades
Occupation: Sphere Hunter
Default Dressphere: Thief
Special Dressphere: Machina Maw
Mascot Dressphere: Cait Sith

In this game, Rikku is one of the main protagonists, and she's got quite a makeover!

Her hair's grown, she's got even less clothes on, but is still the hyper, cheerful girl as before. She starts out as a Thief again, now holding Duel Blades instead of Claws and is ready to rule another game.

Rikku is now part of the Gullwings, a Sphere Hunting group formed by her and Brother, and the newly introduced characters Buddy and Shinra. The Gullwings are soon to be joined by Paine, a mysterious but interesting girl. One day Kimahri finds a Sphere on Mt. Gagazet, containing a clip of a man looking just like Tidus. When they show this to Yuna, she doesn't hesitate joining the Gullwings.

Throughout the game, you will be using several Dresspheres. Rikku, starting out as a Thief, making her able to Steal from enemies. The Alchemist Dressphere has the ability Mix, which she also had in the previous game. Her Special Dressphere is the Machina Maw.

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