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Last updated: 18th July 2011

Al Bhed Salvage Ship

Rikku is introduced very early in the game. She helps Tidus fight a fiend in the ruins at the start of the game. Then the Al Bhed she's with claims Tidus is a fiend, and Rikku hits him in the stomach so hard he faints. The next scene is on the Al Bhed salvage ship. Here Rikku will speak English to help Tidus understand what the Al Bhed wants from him. Here Rikku's wearing a full Al Bhed suit.

After the mission you're sent off to, Sin will attack the ship and Tidus fall over board. He wakes up later in the water near Besaid Island, where he will meet Wakka & co. Now you gotta wait a while until you see Rikku again...


When the party is riding on a Shoopuf in the water, some Al Bhed kidnaps Yuna. Wakka and Tidus have to fight a Machina under water, and they manage to defeat it. Later, Tidus encounters a washed-ashore-Rikku. He is pretty happy to see her again, alive. She explains they were behind the kidnapping of Yuna, and she is a bit furious Tidus beat her up like that. She is then introduced to Tidus' party, and is soon accepted as Yuna's guardian.

Disasterrific! (2011-2013)