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Last updated: 19th July 2011

Final Fantasy X


Do blondes have more fun? Definitely yes, if you ask Rikku. She has mid-long hair, tied up in a ponytail on top of her head. Her bangs are split in two, and the left side has a couple of hair clips holding it together. If you haven't noticed, her hair is quite long. She has two long braids hanging from her neck, with orange feathers fastened to the ends.

Because of her Al Bhed blood, she has green eyes with a swirl. Pretty cool!

Upper body

Rikku hasn't got the most fancy top ever, but a simple orange sleeveless top, with side straps. Her clothes show a little bit of her flat stomach. Around her neck hangs a pair of goggles, and if you look closely, you can see a pearl necklace as well.

Her main weapons are claws, which comes in many different looks. On her left arm she is wearing a long sleeved thick glove, and an armband higher up on the same arm.

On her back, she has attached a couple of blue straps. Why? No idea.

Lower body

She's wearing green shorts with white ruffles. They seem quite comfy! The orange belt is not really attached to the shorts, but it seems to be loosely held around her waist. On her right thigh she has attached a black pouch. I guess she's got all her Mix stuff in there!? Hehe.

Her boots are quite interesting in my opinion. I'd like to have a couple of those myself! They're almost knee-high with feathers attached on the top. They seem water-resistant, don't you think?

Final Fantasy X-2


Even longer hair and more braids this time! She has wrapped a blue bandana around her head, and braids with different coloured balls attached to them are sticking out of it. Her bangs are still visible in the same spot as before. She has now wrapped a red/orange/yellow scarf around her neck. They would definitely come in the way in a fight, don't you think? Guess it keeps her warm due to her bikini-outfit! Hehe. She also has feather earrings.

Upper body

Rikku, Rikku. Even less clothes XD. This bikini outfit is pretty cool though. Looks like she has switched out the regular bikini top strings with some more durable black straps. Her arms are covered with some light material sleeves with ruffles on. Softens her look a bit. She has some brown/red gloves on both of her hands, and has switched weapons to Duel Blades.

Lower body

She is using a yellow bikini thong under a green/brown miniskirt. I believe she has switched out the leg pouch for these two yellow pockets attached to the belt. I think Rikku likes the colour yellow!

She still uses boots, which I love!, though these are shorter and blue/white. Looks like her laces are tied to the back of the shoes. But if you have noticed, these laces are only visible on the hand drawn artwork, and not on the CG artwork. Now THAT is weird!

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