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Last updated: 15th July 2013

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade

This game is pretty new and has just reached the US. Unfortunately it's not yet available in EU. In this game, Rikku is an ally and a summonable Legend. Her ability is Shockstorm.

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game

This game is like other TCG, you collect them and battle others. The cards use characters and abilities from the whole series. Rikku is represented on five cards. Her element is Wind.

Images from finalfantasy.wikia.com and 4gamer.net

Kingdom Hearts 2

It's YRP time! Rikku appears together with Yuna and Paine as small "pixies". Really cute!

Kingdom Hearts Mobile

Rikku appears in her FFX-2 outfit.

Itadaki Street Special

This Monopoly-ish game is only available in Japan. Rikku appears as a playable character in her FFX-2 outfit.

Dead Fantasy

A fan made video by Monty Oum. Final Fantasy VS Dead or Alive, etc. Rikku appears in her FFX-2 outfit.

Disasterrific! (2011-2013)