– A site where I hold my collection of different sites. You will also find some information about me, my art, and links to other sites of my own. So I hope you'll spend a few minutes of your time to check out this site. Thanks!


Be sure to check out my different websites! The list isn't exactly long, but it's a good start. I have several ideas in my head, I just wish I had enough time to make them all!

★ Babyfruit.no - My Portfolio.
★ Disasterrific - A shrine to Rikku of FFX.

★ Powdersnow - A personal blog.
★ White Beauty - A blog about my Japanese Spitz.


Why rikku.net? Well, if you have played Final Fantasy X you will remember this upbeat girl. Her name is Rikku, and she is also my favourite character from that game, if not from the series! Several years ago (when it was very popular to make character shrines), I tried making one dedicated to Rikku. I don't remember if it ever made it online, but one day I will make one for sure :)


Feel free to use any of the images below. It'd be great if you left me a message if you link me. Please use the URL http://rikku.net or http://rikku.net/main when linking.


Coming soon!